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Geoffrey Gilbert is recognized as one of Santa Cruz's premier landscape and nature photographers. After a childhood spent in New Jersey, Geoffrey fulfilled his manifest destiny and moved to the central coast of California. His love of nature and the outdoors was renewed by the never-ending show playing in the skies right outside his ocean front home. He could wake up, walk out the front door and be greeted by the ever-present blue Pacific. It is a sight and a treat that he never tires of nor takes for granted.

As an avid sports enthusiast and talented writer with a comedic touch, Geoffrey started out as a columnist for NBA TODAY and was featured in both Sport Magazine and the New York Post. He later became a field producer for NBC Sports working with their NBA "Showtime" program. Geoffrey became known for hosting a sports talk show on KMFO and KNZS radio in the Monterey Bay area, but even that was not enough to keep him here. Melding his writing and comedy talent, Geoffrey then moved to Los Angeles and began writing for sitcoms until he eventually escaped from LA and found his way back to Northern California.

Geoffrey has perfected the art of capturing the magnificence and spectacular beauty of California with his amazing sunrise shots over the Pacific Ocean. "It's a special way to start the day watching incredible colors explode in the sky over the Monterey Bay. Each sunrise is different. The sky goes from red to orange to yellow to white before the sun makes its appearance. It's about capturing the moment and it's over in a matter of minutes." The key to photographing world-class sunrise and sunset shots are the clouds — without them, there's no drama.

Other favorite imagery captured through Geoffrey's eyes includes rainbows, marine mammals, exotic wildlife, flocks of coastal birds, ocean landscapes, brilliantly colored flowers, tide pools teeming with marine life and the isolated, wind-swept beaches of the north coast. Because of the waves and erosion, the look of the coast is always changing. Geoffrey considers his pictures not only art but history as he continues to chronicle life on the west side of a special place called Santa Cruz.

On the local scene, his work has been sought by large resident corporations such as Seagate Technology, the Scharf Financial Group, Dominican Hospital and Bank of America. Bay Federal Credit Union even featured his stunning shots on a credit card and check designs. Geoffrey's photography is for sale online at as well as various retail locations throughout the city including the Discovery Shop at Long's Marine Lab, Santa Cruz Seaside Company (the Boardwalk), Gilbert's Gift Shop on the Santa Cruz Wharf and Graphfix downtown on Pacific Mall.

Starting Sunrise Santa Cruz began as a way for Geoffrey to share his magical world with others. Pictures need to be seen, to be given life, not to be sitting in a folder. "I feel like I have something special to share. Life is so stressful these days with the war, hunger, cancer and monetary worries. While all of this is going on, the sun is still rising, birds are still singing and amazing things are happening on the nature front. I would like people to take a moment from their busy lives and look at the incredible beauty in our world."

Geoffrey is also the author of his own popular blog where fans around the world including photographers, nature lovers and comedy enthusiasts are entertained by his unique humor and take on today's current affairs originally and loosely connected to his portfolio of the day. He encourages his readers to look, learn and laugh — then go back to their lives.

When not out checking the skies, Geoffrey is likely to be found spending time with his wife Allison of 29 years and much adored children Jason, 23, and daughter Aimee, 20. He is also a believer that NBA basketball is life and the rest is just details.

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