Artist's Statement

Geoffrey Gilbert photographer, walking on the beach at sunset

After growing up in New Jersey to all of a sudden being able to wake up, walk out the door and see the blue Pacific is a treat that I will never tire of nor take for granted. Living on the edge of the continent is magical. Whales, rainbows, endless flocks of birds, roller skaters — West Cliff Drive offers it all. I never thought about photographing buildings or people-not when I had a never-ending show of nature playing on my front deck every day.

Living near the ocean lets me constantly observe the changing sky. The clouds change by the hour and the sky lights up at sunset. I am very much into color and the sky is an ever-changing canvas for me to photograph. Throw in the waves that break along the coast 24 hours day and hearing them pound the coast at night... I am in awe of where I am located on this planet.

I am always fascinated by the changing cloud formations and the color of the sky at sunrise and sunset. In many ways I feel that sunrises have been my niche. Thus the site:

There is just so much going on along the central coast-chains of all kind of birds, tide pools full of marine life, the isolated, wind-swept beaches of the north coast, flowers, trees and of course, the constantly changing sky at sunrise and sunset. This is a special place because the look of the coast is always changing due to erosion — arches will eventually fall and cliff formations will change. I feel like I'm chronicling life on the west side of Santa Cruz, kind of a photo history.

I am constantly aware of how important your view in life is and I would like to share these special moments that I capture with everyone, including you.

Geoffrey Gilbert, 2008

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