June 3, 2007

"I Love The Flower Girl"

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Let’s start off the new month with some color and head about a mile north of my lovely abode.

Situated on what is now the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz and what was once the vast holdings of pioneer settler Henry Cowell, the Arboretum occupies one of the most propitious (that’s highly favorable) horticultural sites in the world. The unique weather, soil types and topographic diversity can scarcely be matched anywhere. The Arboretum was officially begun in 1964 with a gift of 80 species of eucalyptus, then started focusing on plants from the southern hemisphere and broke new ground in the propagation of the exotic South African protea (which can be seen in shots two, three and four) formerly believed to be difficult horticultural subject. Hundreds of Australian plants were sent to the Arboretum and grown for the first time in America. Many people, including the famed photographer and conservationist Ansel Adams had a hand in created this arboretum on the choicest site in a region famed for its horticultural potential (just ask the Haze Brothers.) This is a location well worth visiting and another part of what makes Santa Cruz the unique and exotic place it is.

So that’s it for today, tune it next time when we’ll look at June bugs, June gloom, and my personal favorite, June Cleaver. Enjoy the last shot of the face on the tree and if you caught the LeBron James show last night, you witnessed truly amazing NBA history.

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