September 4, 2008

I Knew She’d Be Trouble The First Time I Spider

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Good morning and greetings, U.S Open fans. Summers are usually a dry time here on the central coast as wildfires tend to rage because the earth and brush get so parched. That’s why it was a pleasant surprise a few weeks ago when one morning I awoke to hear rain falling from the sky. Although I’m a big B.J Thomas (“Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”) fan, I had not anticipated the precipitation but when I realized it was raining my first thought was (and I’m sure it was the same for most of you,) what are those spider webs in front of my parent’s house going to look like with a little moisture adding to the mix. Today’s photo array are the results.

So what do we really know about spiders? Well, they are invertebrates, which means, like our current administration, they don’t have backbones. And contrary to most beliefs, spiders are not insects. Insects have three body parts and six legs. Spiders have eight legs, two thighs, a couple of wings, two body parts and are served with your choice of cole slaw or seasoned curly fries.

Spiders have silk spinning glands called spinnerets at the tip of their abdomen by which they can spin a webs. These are not to be confused with the Spinners, who had two top ten hits with “The Rubberband Man” and “Games People Play.”

Not all spiders spin webs. There are more than 30,000 species of spiders. Most spiders have either six or eight eyes, which starts to get expensive when it comes to reading and sunglasses. Most spiders have fangs, through which venom is ejected, much like the Republicans displayed toward the Democrats at their convention.

Fear of spiders is called Arachnophobia. Fear of the current administration is called completely natural. Both are among the most common fears among humans. Spiders have an exoskeleton, meaning that their skeleton is on the outside, which comes in handy during Halloween trick or treating time.

Most spiders are very nearsighted. To make up for this, they get rides with friends and use the hair on their body to feel their way around and to sense when other animals or paparazzi are near. Spider webs get dirty and torn, so lots of spiders make a new one every day. They don’t waste the old one but instead roll it up into a ball and eat it, usually with a garden salad and side of penne pasta.

Baby spiders are called spiderlings and their henchman and called underlings. There are only two kinds of spiders that are poisonous to humans, the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse. There is one that us extremely dangerous to males, the White Divorcee, who can be very vicious when provoked and usually for good reason. Fortunately for our eight legged friends, there are no kinds of humans that are poisonous to spiders.

That’s it for the first week of September. No blog coming up on Monday but we’ll return Wednesday with some midweek magic. One thought on Governor Sarah Palin. I am still stunned by the pick so let me leave you with my favorite line I heard about this Republican babe courtesy of Jay Leno. “Palin and McCain are a good pair. She’s pro life and he’s clinging to life.” On that cheery note, have a fabulous sports weekend, enjoy the webcasting and I hope to see a few of you locals in Capitola. Aloha, New York Giant fans.

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  1. I LOVE shot #3!
    They were all so beautiful!!!

    Comment by aimee/hand-model in training — September 12, 2008 @ 6:11 pm

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