February 15, 2009

Say It, Don’t Spray It

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Good morning and greetings, Steely Dan fans. As any major dude with half a heart will surely tell you my friends, the winter weather on the central coast at this time of year should be wet and wild and that is what we have experienced the past week. Sun, showers, baths, billowing clouds, threatening skies, Nathan hail, we’ve had it all. After experiencing all that meteorlogical drama a friend suggested, “You go back Jack, and shoot it again.” And make sure Rikki doesn’t lose that number.

Last Saturday an early morning high tide combined with a rising swell to create a festival of spray and watch down along West Cliff Drive. There was a very attractive orange creamsicle sunrise that I pretty much missed as I was engrossed in my daily 200 situps that I like to start the day with. Either that or I knock off a couple of frosted blueberry Pop Tarts. Anyway, when I saw the light hitting the trees I sensed a photo opportunity, so I put off my condolence call to Tom Daschle, threw on my personally autographed Michael Phelps warmup suit and headed down to my favorite avenue in Santa Cruz.

As you can see from the photos, the waves were pounding the cliffs the same way my son now pounds the offensive boards against me in our driveway. It is always exhilarating to be on West Cliff when the swell is up or there’s a swimwear photo shoot in progress. A different sense of energy engulfs the edge of the continent. When you think about how far these waves have traveled across the Pacific to make their final statement it’s somewhat mind bloggling, perhaps awe inspiring and maybe even a little humbling. But that could be because on my life’s journey I rarely travel east of Long’s on Mission Street.

As far as the last photo goes, I’ve seen many weddings performed at Lighthouse Point, but this is the first marriage proposal I’ve run into. I didn’t stick around to see the perspective bride’s reaction, but I hope to make it back there for the signing of the prenuptial agreement. I guess I’m just a sucker for romance.

As Caroline Kennedy would say “You know,” I really enjoy writing these blogs. It gives me a chance to exercise (or is that exorcise?) my brain and hopefully allows you, the reader, to perhaps take a moment to sit back and say, “Is he serious?” As my friend Nancy once said to me as we trekked through the Himalayas, it’s all about the “stream of conciousness” and I like to think of myself as a posessing a steady flowing tributary. When it comes to my mind, I’m believe there’s a river running through it. But that could just be the Bobby Redford in me.

On to the late night politics. “Monday was the Westminster Kennel Club’s 133rd Annual Dog Show. As you know, these just aren’t regular dogs. These dogs are scrutinized and gone over, literally, with a fine-tooth comb. And they’re judged, here’s how they’re judged: appearance, of course, appearance. Silky coat, silky coat. Firm hindquarters, firm hindquarters. It’s also how John McCain chose his running mate. So every dog is groomed, blow-dried and flea-dipped. You know, it’s the same thing they did to former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for the impeachment trial.” -David Letterman.

More political news from CBS’s late night king. “President Brack Obama has relaxed the White House dress code. He’s the first president to do that since Bill Clinton, who, of course, established ‘Pants-Free Friday. Man, here’s something chilling. Former Vice President Dick Cheney is now warning that there will be another terrorist attack. He got that information by waterboarding himself.”

It’s been cold back east. “People are sick and tired of the cold weather. Here’s how cold it was today in Washington, D.C. Vice President Joe Biden put his foot in his mouth just to keep it warm.” -David Letterman. And finally, let’s not forget the former Vice Presidential candidate. “Sarah Palin is back in the news as well. She’s been criticizing anonymous bloggers. She calls them ‘pathetic.’ Apparently she feels that unknown people should not be criticizing politicians, unless the unknown person is running for vice president. Then it’s all right.” -Craig Ferguson.

So that’s our salute to Jonas Brothers, the AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament and the NBA All-Star game. Tune in again next time when we’ll bring to you moments of grandeur from the westside of Santa Cruz along with my unbiased political commentary, riveting philosophical thoughts and outside shots from way beyond the three point line in my mind. In the words of the Moody Blues, “I’m just a singer in a rock n’ roll blog.” So enjoy the day, enjoy the spray and we’ll catch you running the backdoor play. Aloha and later, Gus Williams fans.


  1. Love the mention Robin Williams…

    Comment by NBA — February 16, 2009 @ 8:41 am

  2. Here’s my favorite comment for the day:
    “outside shots from way beyond the three point line in my mind”
    thanks for all the info, humor and oh yeah, the photos!

    Comment by Wendi — February 16, 2009 @ 11:06 am

  3. I must say that Aimee’s quips are getting better all the time. She could write for Letterman.

    Comment by Billy Ocean — February 23, 2009 @ 12:18 pm

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