March 29, 2009

Blinded By The Light

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Good morning and greetings, spring training fans. That’s right, America’s national pastime (second guessing the President-oh wait, that’s the Republican Party’s national pastime) is being played throughout the grapefruit leagues in Florida and Arizona. For me, I don’t get caught up in the notion of grown men trying to hit a horsehide stitched sphere until after the NBA playoffs are over, unlike like my beautiful wife, who doesn’t get excited about baseball until after the World Series. Or to quote my brother Paul, who uttered the following phrase on national TV while anchoring the sports desk back in CNN’s early days, “Love is like baseball and there’s nothing like a twi-night doubleheader.”

For today’s photo frivolity we are heading down to the arch at Its Beach (photo #1.) It’s been a while since we visited my favorite arch de triumphe, or in the words of Led Zeppelin, “It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled.” It’s all about the light. Or to quote the Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO to my close friends, “You’re walking meadows in my mind, making waves across my time. Got a strange magic.”

Here’s a story that always warms my heart and surrounding organs. I was down at Its Beach around sunset time a couple years with my trusty golden retriever, teaching her how to sniff out bombs on network TV. The sky was nothing special so like a Harvard graduate I left my camera in the car. All of a sudden, before you could say, “Beyonce,” the light shone thru the arch at an incredible angle. It was breathtaking, just stunning. It was like the angels were harmonizing with a young Debbie Boone while singing, “You light up my life.”

I stood there like a mental patient in wonder and disbelief, as being camera-less was a tad disturbing. I would have had to sprint like Marion Jones on steroids to snap this shot but it would have been worth it. It was as if God, Bill Gates, or even Michael Jordan had just appeared. I hadn’t seen anything that amazing since I was window shopping in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. This light show only lasted for about 30 seconds and then the moment was gone, as were my hopes, dreams and jump shot. Or in words of the Grateful Dead, “Turn on your love light, let in shine, let it shine.”

Well, being the type of person who likes to turn bad into good and who always sees the positive side in everybody and everything, I decided after 23 hours to stop festering on what I had missed and to go back down there and get that three point shot. I returned the next five days at the same time and never once did the light shine through the same way. The moral of the story is, I should always have a camera or sketch pad with me because a mime is a terrible thing to waste. Which brings me to the words of those low spark of high heeled boys from Traffic, “Either light up or leave me alone.”

So today we feature some moments of sunlight streaming thru the arch. Since dogs are not officially allowed on this beach I rarely go back to this place of photographic joy. I am hoping the city buys the land back from the state so much like the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano, I, too shall return to Its Beach. But for now, these pictures and others on my website will have to make due. If you look closely at photos #4 & #6 you can see the cormorants lining up on Bird Rock. Which is not to be confused with Elton John’s “Crocodile Rock.”

On to our late night action. “Big night for the network last Thursday. Barack Obama became the first sitting president to ever appear on a late night show. He was on with ‘Leno.’ Of course, it doesn’t count the time Thomas Jefferson was on ‘Larry King.’” Former President George W. Bush just signed a $7 million book deal, though, reportedly, he thought it was to read one. And Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is writing a book about his role in the Bush administration during the economic crisis. It’s weird, the book starts on Chapter 11. That’s odd.” –Jimmy Fallon. Thanks, Jimbo.

“Hey, you hear about this? Very strange incident at JFK Airport in New York City today. An AIG executive going through security had to empty out all his pockets. You know what fell out? Senator Chris Dodd. In international news, the president of Madagascar left office after a popular radio host there rallied support against him and will likely take over in a special election. And today, Rush Limbaugh said, ‘You can do that? And hey, congratulations to Japan for winning the World Baseball Classic right here in Dodger Stadium. Yeah, they beat Korea 5-3, which is perfect. You have the Japanese playing the Koreans in a city full of Mexicans to determine who’s best at America’s pastime. I think Lou Dobbs’ head is going to explode when he hears this.” –Jay Leno. Thanks, Jayman.

“Let me tell you a couple things about myself. Last week, I got married. Talk about your March Madness, you know what I’m saying? … Another success story for … I wanted to get married before my son did. And we went to the courthouse, and the guy says, ‘Are you the father of the bride?’ –David Letterman. “Mexico’s government just offered a $2 million bounty on its top drug lords, which is different from what we do here in America. We give our biggest criminals bonuses.” Voters in Iowa are already receiving phone calls about whether or not they approve of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. They’re instructed to press one for ‘yes’ and two for ‘you betcha!’” –Jimmy Fallon. And “President Obama has made his prediction for the Final Four. He made his prediction today. The only ones left standing after next week will be Citigroup, Chase, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley.” –Jay Leno

Which brings us to the Final Four. Our Sunrise Santa Cruz college prognosticator, Dr. Michael Schur, had predicted that the Memphis Tigers would take this year’s crown. Well, much like Toulouse-Lautrec, they came up short, and if my sources are correct, both Michael and the Tigers are working on their free-throwing shooting as we speak. The good doctor’s latest pick for this year’s champion are his North Carolina Tar Heels because “Tyler Hansbrough came back for his senior season, Danny Green is my favorite color and most importantly, the Ty Lawson goes to the runner.” Dr. Schur may have been wrong about Memphis and I apologize to all of you who had them winning it all but let me say this about Michael. He’s feels your bracket pain. He’s the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off of Brandi Chastain’s back.

That’s it for our final blog of March 2009. For you college hoops fans, I hope you caught the Villanova-Pitt game on Saturday. It was an epic Big East battle and the best game so far in the tournament. So enjoy the early springtime action and remember, it’s always darkest before the light. When I used to drive from New Jersey into New York, I was always exciting about seeing the sunlight at the end of the Holland Tunnel. Three thousand miles later, I’m still excited about that light. So enjoy the Final Four and we’ll catch you the open court. Aloha, mahalo and later, Walter Davis fans.

March 22, 2009

If You Can’t Arboretum, Join ‘Em

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Good morning and greetings, springtime lovers. A couple of weeks ago, my friend, web designer and future California high school teacher-of-the-year Kevin called to tell me that the flowers were going wild at the local Aboretum. And since I was taking some much-needed time off from the war crime tribunals in the Hague and AIG had canceled their March Madness Spring Break party in Cancun, I found myself with some rare free time on my hands.

Now, growing up in the Garden State of New Jersey, we didn’t have an aboretum, we had a delicatessen, where pastrami, corn beef and crisp rye bread were always in bloom. So like Lewis and Martin, we journeyed north up Western Drive to an oasis of southern hemisphere pagentry, a virtual Madison Square Garden of mulch.

The UCSC Aboretum is located on the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz on what was originally part of the vast land holdings of pioneer settler Henry Cowell. As a matter of fact, when people learned how much land old Hank owned, they uttered, “Holy Cowell,” which I believe was the first time this expression was heard outside of Yankee Stadium.

The UCSC website states that the Arboretum occupies one of the most propitious (great word) horticultural sites in the world. The climatic and anticlimatic topographic diversity is such as to allow experimentation with almost every species that might be grown along the coast between San Diego, Disneyland and Crescent City, which is not to be confused with Emerald City. The diversity of the soils, which includes granite, schist, limestone, sandstone and Mollie Stone’s can scarcely be matched anywhere on the planet. This soil is as fertile as octamom.

The Arboretum began in 1964 with a gift of about 90 species of eucalyptus, a holiday fruitcake and a box of chocolate-covered almonds. They broke new ground in the propagation of the exotic South African proteas, (photos 1 & 4,) formerly believed to be “difficult” horticultural subjects. For me, it is was algebra. Over the years hundreds of selections of Australian plants were sent to the Arboretum and propagated for the first time in America. Kind of a “Coming To America” meets “Crocodile Dundee.”

The bottom line is, the Aboretum is a wonderful place to spend a couple of hours, chock full of exotic plants of every race, creed and color. Do yourself a favor and check it out and tell them that Kevin sent you. Oh, and aspiring photographer and future hair model Aimee Gilbert took the final and best shot of today’s series.

On to the late night comedy section of our show. “The federal government agreed last Sunday to provide an additional $30 billion to AIG. According to AIG, $15 billion will be used to build the world’s biggest toilet, down which the other $15 billion will be flushed.” –Seth Meyers “Bernie Madoff and his wife Ruth want to keep $69 million. They said that’s not money they swindled. That’s just money they had laying around. That’s money they saved by switching to Geico. And Warren Buffett says the U.S. economy has fallen off a cliff. I said, ‘Well, who cares what that margarita guy thinks anyway?”‘ — David Letterman

The journalist who threw his shoes at George Bush was convicted on Thursday in an Iraqi court. He was sentenced to three years of non-stop high-fives.” — Jimmy Fallon “President Obama has lifted the 8-year-old ban on stem cell research. But he was emphatic about one point. He said no cloning. No cloning. Except for Scarlett Johansson. And they say President Barack Obama’s hair is already starting to turn gray. Been in office two months, hair already starting to turn gray. And so today, Alex Rodriguez’s cousin injected him with Just for Men.” — David Letterman

Here’s a guy that won’t go away, that Osama bin Laden. We got another audiotape from bin Laden. Have you heard it? He attacks moderate Arab leaders, he calls for renewed jihad, and he gives his NCAA picks.” –David Letterman “The U.S. is convinced that North Korea is testing a new long-range ballistic missile. But North Korea insists that it is just a satellite intended for peaceful purposes, like peacefully bombing South Korea.” I want to go to Papa Jong’s, the new North Korean pizzeria. It is going to be good. The delivery policy at the North Korean pizzeria is a little different. If the pizza is not there in 30 minutes or less, the driver gets executed.”–Jimmy Fallon

One more thought for today’s post. I am beyond upset about what is happening with the daily newspapers in this country. They are in more trouble than Bernie Madoff’s accountant. The Rocky Mountain News is history, the Seattle Post Intelligencer went down last week and our San Francisco Chronicle is thinner than the slices of roast beef on the French Dip sandwich at Nate ‘n Al’s.

I grew up with the New York Times and love the feeling of holding what I’m reading. Of course, this leads to getting newsprint on my hands which I then get on cabinets or the refrigerator door which my wife will then reprimand me about. Bottom line is, I love reading the traditional newspaper and absorbing all the sports, national and world news-it is not the same as reading it over the Internet! Plus, as my mother, brothers and now son can attest to, reading and eating is one of life’s great pleasures. I was going to say about as good as it gets with your clothes on but we’ll reserve that thrill to draining the winning jumper with the game on the line.

That’s all she wrote. So enjoy the spring, the flowers in bloom and the continuing March Madness. There were tremendous games the first two days and this weekend’s action wasn’t exactly chopped liver. We’ll catch you at the regionals. Aloha, mahalo and later, Micheal Ray Richardson fans.

March 15, 2009

Wow, You Look Sunsational


Good morning, rock and roll fans. Today we are going to take a fast break from the Doobies, the Steely Dans and you Led Zepplin fans and instead focus on March Madness. No, I’m not talking about trying to get your tax information in order, or figuring out how you’re going to pay all your bills and still afford a summer vacation or wondering how Alan Greenspan is sleeping these days. I’m talking college hoops, and for the easy lovers of this sport, the next three weeks are SuperBowl Sundays. We are heading to the collegiate mountaintop. Simply put, we are climbing the NCAA Stairway to Heaven.

Now yesterday was Selection Sunday as 64 teams were chosen (while a few deserving teams got screwed) for the honor of playing for the national championship on April 6. What lies ahead are fantastic finishes, the joy of victory, the agony of defeat and most importantly, for basketball purists like myself, enough cheerleaders to drive off a battalion of Taliban.

So as a prelim to the Big Dance, Syracuse and the University of Connecticut went at it Thursday night at Madison Square Garden in the quarterfinals of the Big East tournament. Having attended Syracuse for two years (before I was pardoned so I could live in a place were it didn’t go directly from winter to summer,) I still have a fondness for the Orangemen. Well, this was a game for the ages and the ageless, as this epic contest went SIX overtime sessions before Syracuse prevailed. I don’t want to say this game ran long but I’ve seen “Law & Order” marathons that took less time.

Now I realize that many of you don’t give a rat’s behind about sports so let’s move on to the photo highlights. For today’s photo synthesis we journey back to the morning of March 5. Coming off my typical night’s sleep which included dreams of not being able to find my car, not having studied for a test and in the words of Blind Faith, not being able to find my way home, I woke up to the sound of rain. I took a quick look out the window, saw the gray skies and went back to finishing my Jackson Five crossword puzzle.

Minutes later, I glanced outside and saw orange light painting the windows across the street. I quickly threw off my Jonas Brothers pajamas and headed down to West Cliff. On my ride down, the sky was turning a beautiful color, or in the words of George Costanza, “a pinkish hue.” By the time I got to the edge the color was in fade mode and the sun was rising, so I snapped the first two shots in today’s series. Despite missing the predawn pagentry, the morning was, in the words of Kool and the Gang, “Fresh, exciting. She’s so inviting to me.”

I then spent the rest of the day as I normally would, trying to solve the country’s economic problems, working out a mideast peace proposal and wondering what pasta goes best with eggplant parmigiana. And then around sunset time, I headed back down to the cliff to check out the western conference sky. There wasn’t the abundance of clouds I was looking for but what was there looked semi-inviting, so I put on my zoom lens and went to work. The results are photos 4 thru 6. This pick six combination is what you Jeopardy fans (and I know you’re out there) refer to as the Daily Double-sunrise and sunset from the same day. And now let’s meet our returning champion.

Not too much going on in the political humor front as Mr. Political has gone on vacation and I haven’t been checking out any monologue action. But here’s one that made the cut. “Here’s a cute story. You know the Obama kids? They got a swing set there on the White House lawn. And here’s the nice thing. This is what you like about Obama. He is a very conscientious guy. Thinks of everything, because the swing set didn’t cost the taxpayers anything. They built the swing set out of old pieces of Dick Cheney’s guard tower.” -David Letterman

So in keeping with our humorous theme, here are a couple of jokes from one of the greats, Milton Berle. A husband and wife were visiting a zoo where the animals were in compounds rather than cages. Unfortunately, the wife leaned over too far at one of the compounds and was grabbed by a giant male gorilla. As the gorilla was carrying her off, the wife cried, “What should I do? What should I do?” The husband said, “Do what you do at home. Tell him you have a headache.”

As part of a fact-finding tour for the jungle animals,a female zebra went to the United States. Seeing a cow, she asked, “What do you do?” The cow said, ‘I give milk.” Then the zebra saw a sheep and asked, “What do you do?” The sheep said, “I grow wool. They take it and make clothes.” A moment later, a stallion ran up. The zebra said, “What do you do?” The stallion said, “Take off that silly housecoat and you’ll find out.”

That’s right, when it comes to Uncle Miltie and jokes, we always take the high road. So that’s our show. In the meantime, think about what you can do to make this planet a better place, enjoy the March skies and get ready for lots of college basketball. As far as my NCAA pick, I’m going to defer to my ex-college basketball correspondent from my SportsTalk radio days, Dr. Michael Schur. Michael, who is the Jay Bilas of Pediatric Anesthesiology, used to call Chapel Hill his home but now hails from lovely Satellite Beach, Florida. I believe it was he who first coined the phrase, “If God isn’t a Tar Heel fan, then why is the sky Carolina blue?”

Anyway, after speaking with Michael over my ham radio on Saturday night, he is picking John Calipari’s Memphis Tigers to take the title. “They’re long, they’re hungry, play suffocating ‘D,’ and most importantly, Hubie Brown used to coach in Memphis.” Now you can see the importance of four years of medical school. And here’s a little secret-Michael has told me that if he and his wife Jody have another child they’re going to name him Tarik Evans. He’d be a diaper dandy.

One final thought on the tournament. Coaches say winning is a habit. I prefer the words of the Doobie Brothers, as in “What were once habits are now vices.” And congratulations go out to my favorite point-guard playing son, Jason, who as a freshman was selected for Honorable Mention honors this season in the Mission Trail Athletic League. It just goes to show what hard work, dedication and New Jersey genes can do for a child. Aloha, mahalo and later, Jonny Flynn fans.

March 8, 2009

Steal Magnolias

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Good morning and greetings, Beatle fans. Yes, today we are talking rock royalty. It’s been on a long and winding road which has led to a hard day’s night, and I’ve been working like a dog to get this blog posted. So with Lucy in the sky with diamonds, let’s head over in our Yellow Submarine to Strawberry Fields forever and get this post rolling because there are places I remember. “You say it’s your birthday, well, it’s birthday too yeah.” I’m not quite sure what that means, but I do know this. “I’ve been dazed and confused for so long it’s not true.” Now I’m mixing metaphors and fives and members of the British Invasion.

Every morning when I drive my golden daughter to school I journey along King Street. And as we discuss politics, the economic meltdown and Hannah Montana, we journey thru magnolia tree country. Here we are in early March and these babies have been going off in full bloom since February, while a vast section of the country is as frozen as that Tri Tip Roast in my freezer. I spoke to my friend Charlotte in Reno and she was shocked to hear about the magnolia action as all she’s seeing up there in Nevada is snow falling on the casinos. And my old West Cliff pal Linda back in Boston remarked that earlier in the week a little bit of the white stuff dropped down on the Red Sox nation. All I can say is I love the Mediterranean climate we have here on the central coast, and if I was never cold again that would be too soon.

I love the flower girl (I don’t know why, she really caught my eye) so I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of these magnificent magnolias. One was more beautiful than the next but there was a award winner on the corner next to my daughter’s school that was all well-maintained as former Sports Illustrated’s cover model Christie Brinkley. This is what we see in shots #1, 2, 4 and 5. Photo #3 is a darker variety and we all know that variety is the spice of life, along with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. And the name magnolia commerates the French botanist Pierre Magnol and that ferrari-driving Hawaiian detective, Magnolia P.I.

So as I was walking on West Cliff Drive on Friday with one of my newest best friends she informed me that I had a bunch (maybe five) of mistakes in the last blog. I said “Five spelling errors, I’m shocked.” She said no, not spelling, “Punctuation.” I had to laugh as I am rather clueless when it comes to the use of commas, dashes, colons, semi-colons and colonoscopies, although I’m now using my recent colonoscopy as a film credit. Anyway, let me apologize for those grammatical errors and I will say this-there’s more where that came from, sports fans.

On to this week’s humor. “Here’s some good news. Barack Obama announced he’s bringing home troops from Iraq. That’s right. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get them direct flights home. They have a two-year layover in Afghanistan.” -Jimmy Fallon. “During his trip to Ottawa, Canada, President Obama said he was too embarrassed to admit to the Canadians that he’d never actually seen a hockey game, to which the Canadians said, ‘Oh, don’t worry, we’ve never seen a black guy. And Actually, this past weekend, the Conservative Political Action Conference picked Mitt Romney over Sarah Palin in their straw poll to be the next presidential candidate. Yeah. Well, it’s kind of interesting. I mean, one is just a pretty face, obsessed with makeup and hair. And the other, of course, is the governor of Alaska.” -Jay Leno

Speaking of the Wasilla wonder, I just read an article written by Rolling Stone’s chief political reporter Matt Taibbi from back in October when Tina Fey Jr. was on the campaign trail. His style may be a little rough for some of you but I thought it was worth reading as he writes the way Michael Jordan played hoops. He’s a killer with a pen. He sums up what the former Vice Presidential candidate represented to far too much of America. I call it, in the words of Procol Harum, “The Whiter Shade of Palin.

“The truly disgusting thing about Sarah Palin isn’t that she’s totally unqualified, or a religious zealot, or married to a secessionist, or unable to educate her own daughter about sex, or a fake conservative who raised taxes and horked up earmark millions every chance she got. No, the most disgusting thing about her is what she says about us: that you can ram us in the (er, butt) for eight solid years, and we’ll not only thank you for your trouble, we’ll sign you up for eight more years, if only you promise to stroke us in the right spot for a few hours around election time.”

Well, he certainly knows how to paint a picture. Now that we got that out of the way I can tell you I’m just finished another mind-blowing Rolling Stone article (October 16, 2008) on the incredible fraud that is John McCain but I think we’ll save that for a kindler and gentler moment. I’m just grateful that the Republicans aren’t in charge of what we once called our economy. So enjoy the magnolias, get ready for college basketball’s March Madness and we’ll catch your running the half court trap. God, I love chocolate. Aloha, mahola and later, Dennis Johnson fans.

March 1, 2009

Make Zoom For Daddy

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Good morning and greetings, Rolling Stones fans. You know, wild horses couldn’t drag me away from posting this weekly blog. And when it comes to photographing magnificence in the central coast skies, I’ve learned that although I can’t always get what I want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. And that would pretty much sum up today’s photo entree. And of course all entrees come with dessert.

All week long I’ve been questioning the skies like they were a suspect being grilled by Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on “The Closer.” And much like my old friend Dusty Springfield, I’ve been “wishin’, hopin’, thinking and praying for some spectacular color in the western skies. I’ve been as ready as Pavlov’s cat, checking the afternoon clouds as I looked forward to dusk greatness. And as anyone from Kansas knows, all we are is dusk in the wind.

Prime time for my photography is from November thru March, when the clouds move in to the central coast landscape and I excitely anticipate Fillmore East type light shows in the dawn and twilight hours. I don’t want to say that this late/fall winter season has been disappointing, but I can count the super sunrises on less than one hand with the other gently tied behind my back. I blame it on a number of things, including climate change, global warming and the eight years of George Bush’s karma.

That brings us to last week of February. Every night I headed down to Natural Bridges, hoping that this would lead to the moments of photo greatness that I can share with blog fans from all over this planetarium we call Earth. But the meteorology gods have been as uncooperative Nadya Suleman’s ex-husband and as it grew dark each night it was as unsatisfying as watching the CEO’s of the nation’s top banks testifying before Congress.

The first two photos are from Friday night. This evening looked as promising as the Kobe Bryant and the Laker’s title hopes this year, but it wilted like investor’s confidence in the current stock market. So on Fat Tuesday night, as the sun was dropping in the sky, I put on the zoom lens and shot these closeups of the light shimmering on the waves followed by gulls just wanting to have fun around the setting of my second favorite sun.

Onto the news. These three are from soon to be switching from late night to prime time, Mr. Jay Leno. “Airports all around the country now are switching from metal detectors to those high-tech scanning machines that show a naked image of your body. And this is raising a lot of privacy concerns, especially among women. The good news? Airport security guys now are paying attention 100%. “Hey, at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, California finally passed a budget. We have a budget in California. The impasse was finally broken when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to make a sequel to ‘Kindergarten Cop. And the idea of nationalizing banks is becoming more popular with some lawmakers and economists. They say they’re leaning towards the Swedish model for banks. You know, I’ve got a better idea. How about opening banks with all Swedish models.”

Sticking with the national scene, “As part of a plan to close his state’s budget deficit, New York Governor David Paterson is proposing a tax on Internet pornography. You see, this is why we can’t have blind governors. I mean, no offense, but of course he’s going to tax pornography. If he can’t enjoy it, nobody can. What’s next, a tax on rainbows?” –Jimmy Kimmel . And now, here’s a little something about the Wasilla Wonderkind. These from Dave Letterman. “Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, owes $70,000 in taxes, but listen to this. She’s blaming it on Alex Rodriguez’s cousin. Luckily, she can see the IRS from her house.”

Now more on my favorite Republican babe. “The whole cast of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ came out to see the Oscars. ‘Slumdog’ won best picture, which everyone seemed to know was going to happen. It was the big favorite going in. They’re saying the only way it could have possibly lost is if it had picked Sarah Palin as a running mate.” -Jimmy Kimmel. And finally, “In an interview with Fox News, Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter, 18-year-old Bristol Palin — remember Bristol Palin, who had the baby? Well, she talked in the interview. She said, ‘A year ago, I never would have thought I would become a mom or that my mom was going to be chosen to be a vice presidential candidate.’ Oddly enough, both things happened because some guy failed to take the proper precautions.” -Jay Leno

So that’s news and weather and here comes sports. My son’s basketball season came to an end last week as PCS lost in the first round of the CCS playoffs. I know it’s not necessarily healthy to live vicariously through your children, but this season was a joy to behold. I was so proud and happy for Jason, and not just for what he does on the basketball court, although I will admit, seeing him throw a no-look pass, down a floater in the lane or drain a three-pointer is a lot more exciting than hearing he got a 102 out of a possible 100 (extra credit) on a math exam.

So you’re probably thinking, no hoops, what’s Geoff going to do with his stat-free life? Fret not because much like grease, track and volleyball are the word. Can anyone say “Sideout?” And of course there’s my lefty point guard Aimee playing spring ball. As our rabbi reminded me on my wedding day, “Basketball is life, the rest is just details.”

So enjoy the February skies and bring on the March madness. We’ll catch you running the stack off the inbounds. Aloha and later, Bernard King fans.

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