March 1, 2009

Make Zoom For Daddy

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Good morning and greetings, Rolling Stones fans. You know, wild horses couldn’t drag me away from posting this weekly blog. And when it comes to photographing magnificence in the central coast skies, I’ve learned that although I can’t always get what I want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need. And that would pretty much sum up today’s photo entree. And of course all entrees come with dessert.

All week long I’ve been questioning the skies like they were a suspect being grilled by Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on “The Closer.” And much like my old friend Dusty Springfield, I’ve been “wishin’, hopin’, thinking and praying for some spectacular color in the western skies. I’ve been as ready as Pavlov’s cat, checking the afternoon clouds as I looked forward to dusk greatness. And as anyone from Kansas knows, all we are is dusk in the wind.

Prime time for my photography is from November thru March, when the clouds move in to the central coast landscape and I excitely anticipate Fillmore East type light shows in the dawn and twilight hours. I don’t want to say that this late/fall winter season has been disappointing, but I can count the super sunrises on less than one hand with the other gently tied behind my back. I blame it on a number of things, including climate change, global warming and the eight years of George Bush’s karma.

That brings us to last week of February. Every night I headed down to Natural Bridges, hoping that this would lead to the moments of photo greatness that I can share with blog fans from all over this planetarium we call Earth. But the meteorology gods have been as uncooperative Nadya Suleman’s ex-husband and as it grew dark each night it was as unsatisfying as watching the CEO’s of the nation’s top banks testifying before Congress.

The first two photos are from Friday night. This evening looked as promising as the Kobe Bryant and the Laker’s title hopes this year, but it wilted like investor’s confidence in the current stock market. So on Fat Tuesday night, as the sun was dropping in the sky, I put on the zoom lens and shot these closeups of the light shimmering on the waves followed by gulls just wanting to have fun around the setting of my second favorite sun.

Onto the news. These three are from soon to be switching from late night to prime time, Mr. Jay Leno. “Airports all around the country now are switching from metal detectors to those high-tech scanning machines that show a naked image of your body. And this is raising a lot of privacy concerns, especially among women. The good news? Airport security guys now are paying attention 100%. “Hey, at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, California finally passed a budget. We have a budget in California. The impasse was finally broken when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger threatened to make a sequel to ‘Kindergarten Cop. And the idea of nationalizing banks is becoming more popular with some lawmakers and economists. They say they’re leaning towards the Swedish model for banks. You know, I’ve got a better idea. How about opening banks with all Swedish models.”

Sticking with the national scene, “As part of a plan to close his state’s budget deficit, New York Governor David Paterson is proposing a tax on Internet pornography. You see, this is why we can’t have blind governors. I mean, no offense, but of course he’s going to tax pornography. If he can’t enjoy it, nobody can. What’s next, a tax on rainbows?” –Jimmy Kimmel . And now, here’s a little something about the Wasilla Wonderkind. These from Dave Letterman. “Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska, owes $70,000 in taxes, but listen to this. She’s blaming it on Alex Rodriguez’s cousin. Luckily, she can see the IRS from her house.”

Now more on my favorite Republican babe. “The whole cast of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ came out to see the Oscars. ‘Slumdog’ won best picture, which everyone seemed to know was going to happen. It was the big favorite going in. They’re saying the only way it could have possibly lost is if it had picked Sarah Palin as a running mate.” -Jimmy Kimmel. And finally, “In an interview with Fox News, Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter, 18-year-old Bristol Palin — remember Bristol Palin, who had the baby? Well, she talked in the interview. She said, ‘A year ago, I never would have thought I would become a mom or that my mom was going to be chosen to be a vice presidential candidate.’ Oddly enough, both things happened because some guy failed to take the proper precautions.” -Jay Leno

So that’s news and weather and here comes sports. My son’s basketball season came to an end last week as PCS lost in the first round of the CCS playoffs. I know it’s not necessarily healthy to live vicariously through your children, but this season was a joy to behold. I was so proud and happy for Jason, and not just for what he does on the basketball court, although I will admit, seeing him throw a no-look pass, down a floater in the lane or drain a three-pointer is a lot more exciting than hearing he got a 102 out of a possible 100 (extra credit) on a math exam.

So you’re probably thinking, no hoops, what’s Geoff going to do with his stat-free life? Fret not because much like grease, track and volleyball are the word. Can anyone say “Sideout?” And of course there’s my lefty point guard Aimee playing spring ball. As our rabbi reminded me on my wedding day, “Basketball is life, the rest is just details.”

So enjoy the February skies and bring on the March madness. We’ll catch you running the stack off the inbounds. Aloha and later, Bernard King fans.

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  1. Tell Aimee to work on her crossover. Gotta be able to go right, too.

    Comment by Mike D'Anotoni — March 2, 2009 @ 3:27 pm

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