November 7, 2010

Would You Like Soup Or A Ballot?

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Good morning and greetings, post election day fans. As many of you know, I try to stay away from politics in this space because ripping into the former mayor of Wasilla, the Republican Party or what I’d do if I were queen for a day just wouldn’t be politically correct.

When it comes to the goings on in Washington, I refuse to get upset or rant and rave about mistakes of past administrations. I just go with the flow, drifting like a basil leaf slowly down the stream of pesto life. Yup, that’s me in a nutshell.

So we’re a week past the midterm elections where those plucky Republicans won control of the House and cut into the Democrat’s majority in the Senate. Now, I’ll admit, I do enjoy the voting process as the Electorial College was my safety school. So while Proposition 19 is still in my bloodstream, I thought I would relay a few thoughts to my cyber constituents.

Let me start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of the billionaire Koch Brothers, who not only created the Tea Party but have declared war on President Obama. What a bunch of fun, patriotic bros. To read more about these fine fellows, check out their profile written by Jane Mayer in the August 25, 2010 edition of the New Yorker magazine. It’s a mind blower, much like the 2012 presidential aspirations of “how’s that hope and change thing going,” Sarah Palin.

I’m confounded by all the people who backed the Tea Party and their candidates. In the words of House GOP leader John Boehner, what we just witnessed was a “repudiation of Washington, a repudiation of big government and a repudiation of politicians who refuse to listen to the people.” I believe he might be repudiating that Obama is the worst black president in our history.

I understand the frustrations of so many in this country, but Michelle and her hubby are not the ones that got us into this mess. Certainly you can fault the president for not being tougher on the perpetrators of the financial mess we’re in. No one from Wall Street has paid the price as these scoundrels continue to profit at a beyond obscene level. They should be in jail, not reaping hundreds of millions while unemployment, foreclosures and emptied savings accounts flood the nation. The rich get richer while the poor and middle class are getting screwed.

And remember, over the last two years, all the Republicans have offered have been obstructions of Obama’s policies. I don’t know if the Republicans know how to solve problems. They’ve made a living the last two years of creating them for the Obama administration.

Those Tea Party candidate who were voted in now have a chance to turn things around and make the changes they were talking about. To quote the newly elected senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul, ” I have a message from the Tea Party. We have come to take our government back.” I say to those voters who expressed their disatisfaction in the voting booths, be careful what you wish for because you just got it.

So that’s my political rant. It’s a tough time for any president as our country deals with the ongoing war in Afghanistan, the threat of Islamic terrorism and whether the Yankees can resign Derek Jeter. All I know is, the man between Barack and a hard place has only had two years in office and Michelle still looks fabulous in those sleeveless ensembles.

Let’s move to the photo flavor of our program. We’ve entered the three month arena where the morning and evening skies light up on a nightly basis. This is my favorite time of the year, along with chocolate, the NBA playoffs and any three-day weekend.

So today we’re looking at a glorious sky from last Thursday morning. I was shooting this blissful event along West Cliff Drive to could capture the clouds reflecting on Its Beach. As you can see, it was a pretty fabulous way to start the day, as mornings like this are why I got into the sunrise business.

Exotic looking clouds continued to fill the sky throughout the rest of the day, which made me think the sunset was going to be well worth of the price of submission. But then as the sun was setting, it seemed to be petering out, and as happened the night before, what looked so promising would end with despair, disappointment and disillusionment, like the end of the season for Yankee fans.

So I popped into my parent’s abode to check on their status and a few minutes later, looked outside and saw that the sky had blown up with color. I quickly raced to the coast and saw it was lit up like the Fourth of July, with red and pink streaks filling like sky while reflecting on the Pacific like a canvas on fire. I was sick with regret, as I wasn’t in a prime location to shoot, so I raced over to Natural Bridges, but when I got there, the glow was gone, the colors had faded and the party was over.

I wouldn’t say I was distraught, but just amazed that I had missed this photo opportunity. This daily double of an amazing sunrise and sunset on the same day doesn’t come along often and was the best or certainly the second best one I’d seen over the last eleven years. And as all inactions have reactions, it led to the following exchange with my old pal Valerie at Safeway yesterday morning. “Were you out there Thursday night? It was really amazing.” I replied, ” Do you know what aisle I’d find the rope?”

Now I’m grateful to have caught the sunrise and I realize there will be more sunsets coming down the pike but this one was off the charts and I blew it. And it’s my sworn mission to bring these spectacular moments of awesome beauty to this site. I asked, “why, God why?” And God answered me. ‘Why not?” Lesson learned. You soothe, you lose.

But wait, it gets bitter, er better. Friday night, the clouds were once again gathering, waiting to do their dance at dusk. Unfortunately, I was at a meeting concerning my son’s jump from high school to the NBA, and it ran long. As I exited the building I saw the sky aglow, and this time drove like the new Steve McGarrett to Stockton Avenue just in time to watch the colors fade. Unbelievable!

Back-to-back world class sunsets and I missed them both. But fortunately, I did have a chance to chat briefly with a fellow who had captured this November beauty on his cell phone. In his words, “the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen.” Game, set, match.

On to the late night. “It seems most experts are predicting that Republicans will win back the House tomorrow. When Americans heard that they were like, ‘Wait, we can win back our houses? “President Obama sent out an e-mail encouraging his supporters to take at least three friends with them to vote. That’s not how people vote — that’s how women go to the bathroom.” –Jimmy Fallon “Tuesday was bad for President Obama. Voters threw away the hope and just went for the change.” –Jay Leno

“Republicans are saying, ‘It’s time for a change.’ And Democrats are saying, ‘Stay the course.’ And Charlie Sheen is saying, ‘Where are my pants?’” –Craig Ferguson “In an interview on ‘Entertainment Tonight’ this week, Mary Hart was told by Sarah Palin she may run in 2012 if there was no one to do it. That’s not how you run for President. That’s how you offer to babysit.” –Seth Meyers “Sarah Palin says she wants limited government. Does she mean fewer elected officials or more officials who resign in the middle of their terms? I think limited government will be perfect for her limited abilities.” –David Letterman

“Ohio Republican John Boehner will take over for Nancy Pelosi. Those are some big eyes to fill.” –Jay Leno “John Boehner will be the new speaker unless, out of habit, he blocks his own confirmation.” –Stephen Colbert “It looks like California is on the verge of legalizing marijuana. You thought the haze over L.A. was bad before.” –Jay Leno “Thousands of marijuana enthusiasts went to the polls this morning in California to support Prop 19. Unfortunately, the election was the day before.” –Jimmy Kimmel

So that’s it for this week in politics and photo regrets. Birthday wishes to go out Thursday to my old backcourt mate Doug MacKinnon and his lovely bride Alison, who both decided to be born on the same day. And coming up next week is another guest blog from the photographer Judy Bingham. I guarantee this is one you will not want to miss.

So enjoy the fall skies, the amazing morning light and we’ll catch you deep in the end zone. Aloha, mahalo and later, Monta Ellis fans.


  1. Love your political rant this morning. Now, can you get my suspension overturned?

    Comment by Keith Olberman — November 8, 2010 @ 9:54 am

  2. Conan, TBS, will be producing smiles for the younger viewers in the late show line up soon. Has any one checked into the possibility that a number of pro prop 19 voters forgot they had to go to the polls.

    Comment by Babs — November 8, 2010 @ 3:40 pm

  3. and no mention of kneepads…….

    Comment by checkstand#10 — November 9, 2010 @ 8:04 am

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