May 13, 2008

There’s No Barking In The White Zone

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Greetings and welcome to the 100th blog from Sunrise Santa Cruz. Yes, sports fans, the big one, oh, oh, triple digits, the C-note. What started out as an e-mail blast has been transformed into a hybrid blog that hopefully amuses, entertains and informs, like a toga party on C-Span . We’ve discussed important subjects like giants rats, wild monkeys out of control and giant patches of garbage floating in our oceans. We’ve brought you pictures of sunrises, sunsets and most recently, a bobcat on the beach, which I’m still having flashbacks about. It just goes to show that if you live a life without judgment while always seeing the good in people, view your wine glass as half full and are a vegan who eats meat, good things are bound to happen.

So my hope is that these photos and text have been adding something to your day and that they bring a smile to your face and perhaps to your heart or liver. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this auspicious occasion as lot of times it’s your words that inspire me. Well, that and getting a new issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids in the mail or watching Bush’s approval rating drop into single digits.

On Monday we showed you hundreds of sea lions rafting off the wharf. Last week I ventured down to the boat landing these guys like to hang out (photo #1.) You can see a couple of these federally protected marine mammals barking like seals and croft in this shot. These sea lions have the life. Lay around with your friends, go for a swim and then spend the rest of the day relaxing. This is, in fact, very similar to my college pre-med years before I switched over to feminist studies. These guys were barking up a storm. I live over two miles from this spot yet I can hear them barking in the morning. Ironically, I can’t hear my wife when she calls me from upstairs to feed our raccoons. I believe Darwin referred to this as “selective listening.” I love these faces. I hadn’t seen whiskers like this since I sat front row at a Willie Nelson concert.

Let’s get on to the news of the day. Here’s a belated Mother’s Day story for all you mothers out there in cyber space. If a stay-at-home mom could be compensated in dollars rather than personal satisfaction, unconditional love and loads of laundry, she’d rake in a nifty sum of nearly $117,000 a year. That’s according to a study released last week by, a Massachusetts firm that studies workplace compensation and the Celtic’s playoff road game woes.

The survey calculated a mom’s market value by studying pay levels for 10 job titles with duties that a typical mom performs, ranging from housekeeper and day care center teacher to van driver, psychologist, chief executive officer and prison warden. This year, the annual salary for a stay-at-home mom would be $116,805, while a working mom who also juggles an outside job would get $68,405 for her motherly duties not including tips.

The biggest factor in a mom’s theoretical salary is the amount of overtime pay she would receive for working more than 40 hours a week. The 18,000 moms surveyed about their typical week reported working 94.4 hours, meaning they’d be spending more than half their working hours on overtime. Working moms reported an average 54.6 hour “mom workweek” besides the hours they spent at their paying jobs. 32% of the women surveyed said that if they had known about the hours beforehand, they would have returned to the “mother ship.”

For any moms who like more information on the subject, check out the website As far as my own mother is concerned, she says she would jump at the chance to raise three boys again but would like dental benefits and one Saturday off per month. As far as father’s needs are concerned, just consult your local sports page.

That’s it for our century blog. Coming up this weekend is the River Arts Festival in San Lorenzo Park in lovely downtown Santa Cruz. Sunrise Santa Cruz will be there as the action goes from 11-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday. So enjoy the sea lions on parade and we’ll catch on the baseline. Later.

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